SavHost Email Packages

Each SavHost email account comes standard with such features as AutoResponders, Aliases, Catch-all boxes, Spam Filtering and Personal Mail.

Packages and Pricing
3 Email Package

10 Email package

100 Email Package
1000 Email Package
($5.49 mo)
($11.91 mo)
($109.08 mo)
($1007.42 mo)

Email is one of the fastest growing and most important forms of communication today. Our powerful Email tool lets you be the Postmaster of your own domain with our simple to use email administrative management console. Receive and manage your POP3, IMAP, SMTP and WebMail at your personal computer with your your choice of email software like Outlook or Eudora as well as our browser based WebMail accessible from anywhere in the world.

Our revolutionary WebMail tool allows you to retrieve your email messages remotely from any location where there is an Internet connection. Our WebMail comes standard with such features as online scheduling, contacts, to-do's, notes, bookmarks, spell checker, preferences and more! Combine that with our standard Easymail features such as Spam Filtering and you have one of the most powerful email solutions around today!

Existing customers click on WebMail Login to access your email.

Note: WebMail uses HTTP protocol to send and receive email and will be counted as part of your hosting account's bandwidth transfer quota. Your RAID-5 Storage quota may also be affected by storing large attachments in your WebMail and other email messages by email users.